2016 Election

2016 Election

As I scroll down through all the posts on social media sites and watch the news, I see that many people are happy, and as an empath, I truly feel for the many of you who are very sad and are feeling devastated. I just wanted to share something to think about. This election was never about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. This election was about a shift of energy that was so desperately needed to take place. It’s a shift within each one of us creating a shift as a collective whole. The bigger the shift, the greatest shock, upset, upheaval, and chaos can occur. When we have these dramatic shocks and upheavals, it can manifest as setbacks with painful results. These upheavals usually come as a shock that can feel devastating and can turn everything upside down. It allows the opportunity for the old, exhausted ways and beliefs to dissipate creating new perspectives. These kinds of upheavals occur where there is stagnant growth upsetting the status quo completely. Even though the visions of what we want shatters, it is all designed for great change with positive benefits, and with the initiative of a new start, it can mark the beginning of a new opportunity. With the bigger shift comes the greatest rewards.

If you take a step back and look at the hidden, deeper dynamics of how everything has unfolded from what Donald Trump said 30 years ago about running for president and the dynamics throughout this whole election process, you will see something truly remarkable, his path, his purpose.

At all of Donald Trump’s rallies the song from the Rolling Stones, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” played. Just these words alone resonate, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you just might find you get what you need.” I believe in the shift of energy of what was being created right before our very eyes. Hillary’s supporters might disagree with that, but honestly tell me something… with so many years of all the hatred, shootings, mass murderers, violence, riots, increase in terrorism, suicides, lack of good healthcare, unemployment, the bad economy, poor treatment of so many people who are truly suffering, as well as the poor treatment of our veterans, open borders, the division, sheer disrespect for our American Flag and for our country, massive corruption in Washington, so much more and only to get worse, please honestly tell me how you thought this country was doing well and going in the right direction? We needed massive change.

It will take some time for the healing process to occur for all of us as a country. And, I pray for President-Elect Donald Trump to take on this huge task of getting us on the right track. You may not agree with the President on every issue. Trust the process and give him a chance. We create our own reality. Live from love, and you will only create love. I hope and pray that we all can come together and love one another in unity. This election has reminded us of how divided we truly are and was also about uniting all of us coming together as ONE! Again, this is about a collective shift of energy moving towards LOVE… the power behind what is happening it is much bigger and greater than all of us!

With great love for all of you!

Dr. Laura R. Kiray, Msc.D., Ph.D.
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