Self-Help Groups


“Where True Understanding and True Healing Takes Place”

The Self-Mastery Development Self-Help Groups are an excellent way to meet others who share common experiences providing emotional support and advice with one another. Whether you are going through personal issues, relationship issues, bereavement, or other self-help issues, these self-help groups are emotional healing groups that helps you get on a great emotional path of wholeness, peace, and self-mastery!

The Self-Mastery Development Self-Help Groups are very different from other support groups. The facilitator of the groups, Dr. Laura R. Kiray, provides professional holistic life coaching with each individual, as well as intuitive spiritual insights and messages which helps to provide true understanding into their situation and the opportunity for true healing to take place. Through informative and educational discussions, exercises, and activities, the Self-Help Group provides effective ways in working through and dealing with particular emotional issues and problems. The group is educational, healing, allows for spiritual growth, it becomes like a family, and it is fun!

Benefits of the Self-Mastery Development Self-Help Groups:
* Feeling less isolated and lonely through the support and advice of others
* Work through the issues that cause depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear, etc.
* Develop a clear understanding into your situation
* Able to talk openly and honestly about your feelings without judgement
* Potential for many “AHA moments”
* Take control of your situation and your life
* It’s educational and informative
* Allows for true emotional healing and spiritual growth
* Puts you on a Path to Self-Mastery
* Becomes like a family, and it’s fun!

The group will be held every Wednesday evening from 7pm-9pm in East Hanover, NJ for a small fee of $25 for each meeting.

*All payments must be made prior to attending each meeting. There is also an option to subscribe to automatic payments for the weekly meetings.

*You must register for each group meeting. If you subscribe to automatic payments, you only need to register once.

*Please register for the group meetings as soon as possible as the seats will fill up quickly.

Please click on the Registration link below to view the dates and to register for the Self-Help Group meetings.


*All major credit cards and e-checks accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Laura R. Kiray at (973) 581-1980, or by email 

Hope to see you there!