FREE Life Coaching Strategy Session

Get your FREE Holistic Life Coaching Strategy Session Today!

You will have the opportunity to speak and work with Dr. Laura one-on-one to discuss and develop a unique plan of action designed especially for you, your needs, and your situation.

With Dr. Laura’s unique gift of helping people to see what they cannot see, during the process of holistic life coaching, you will discover where you are stuck, how she can help you heal, and how to get to where you truly need to go.

Schedule your Free Session today!

Please call (973) 581-1980, or fill out the form for your Free Life Coaching Session, and someone will get back to you shortly to set up your appointment.

* The Free Holistic Life Coaching Strategy Session is the first initial session and is up to a 20-minute telephone session.
* The Free Holistic Life Coaching Strategy Session applies to new clients only. It does not
apply to existing clients.
* All sessions include intuitive readings.

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