The Power of Self-Talk

Have you ever stopped yourself and asked, “What was I thinking?” Usually, we say that in times where we realized we have done something stupid. But, if we would really stop ourselves and ask the question, “what am I really thinking?”, we would probably be amazed at our responses. As human consciousness is dramatically changing and growing, more and more people are developing the awareness and the Power of their own Self-Talk, which affects every aspect of their life. We benefit greatly by being consciously aware of what we are thinking.

It helps us to:

  • turn negative mind sets into positive ones
  • uncover deeply rooted unresolved issues that still need healing
  • move past stuck stages
  • tap into and connect to who we truly are

Positive Self-Talk provides a happy, loving feeling. Negative Self-Talk will make you feel unhappy, depressed, and unworthy. The best way to tell if your Self-Talk is positive or negative is by the way you feel. The good news is, that how you feel can be changed in an instant just by changing the way you think. It’s looking at the glass half-empty or half-full. It is literally a choice, a choice that only WE can make.

Exercise: The next time you have a negative feeling, ask yourself, “What thought was I thinking that made me feel this way?” When you identify the negative thought, change it to a positive statement and notice how you feel. It takes practice to get good at this, and 21 days to change a habit. Be consistent and before you know it, you will see things in a whole new way.

So, let me ask you… “What on earth are you thinking? If it’s something positive, keep it positive. If it’s something negative, change it to a positive.”

Many blessings to you.


Dr. Laura R. Kiray, Msc.D.

Copyright © 2015

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