Holistic Life Coaching

Emotional Healing and Life Transformation!
Become Emotionally, Mentally,
Physically, and Spiritually Balanced!

 I can help you to transform your negative emotions and your life to become completely balanced to live the life you were meant to live!



Since you have navigated to this site, you have taken the first step in the discovery of an amazing process that has transformed so many lives.

If you are going through difficult emotional situations and do not know what to do or how to heal, you have come to the right place!

While a person can feel better after a good talk with a friend or relative, for moderate or severe emotional distress, this relief is only temporary. Talking with, not only a trained listener, I am an expert in Emotional Healing and Transformation. I can help you alleviate emotional distress for good. I interact in a very unique way that helps people get to the very root of their emotional concerns, where the true healing takes place.

I am completely dedicated to your personal growth and development, putting you on the right path. I will offer you an opportunity to face your difficulties constructively and confidently, freeing you to enjoy all the good things life has to offer while living the abundant life that you were meant to live.

I will help you understand your life, your relationships, and why things happen as they do. Through discussions, activities, and exercises, together we can develop a plan of action to work through these difficult situations in a very short period of time. Just one session can be the catalyst you need to turn your life around.

I welcome you to embark on your own personal investigation of truth, healing, and spiritual awakening. As we join together, you too become a link in the chain. As you allow yourself to be healed, you become the healing tool.

Your incredible life is already there, just waiting for you!

Holistic Life Coaching

Applies to any situation that you may need to address in your life from emotional pain and confusion, to wanting change, and self-improvement.

Individual Private Life Coaching Sessions – 1 Hour Session

Personal, Self-Improvement, Pre-Marital Concerns and Preparation, Relationship Issues, Separation, Divorce, Bereavement (Loss of a Loved One), and any other emotional issue or difficulty that you may be going through.

To schedule a Holistic Life Coaching Session, please either call (973) 581-1980 or click here and fill out the form.

Self-Help Group Weekly Meetings – 2 Hours

For people who are in the Northeast New Jersey, USA area, I provide weekly Self-Help Group meetings for all people going through all kinds of emotional pain. I provide Holistic Life Coaching which enhances emotional healing and ways to transform your life. Groups are an excellent way to share experiences, reaching out to others going through the same situations. My groups have proven to be very effective and highly successful.

If you would like more information and would like to attend one or more of the Self-Help Group meetings, please click here.

  • separation
  • divorce
  • all relationship issues
  • bereavement (loss of a loved one)
  • unhappiness with your career
  • the need to find direction, feeling lost
  • rejection, abandonment
  • confusion
  • loneliness 
  • depression
  • stress, anxiety, fears
  • anger, guilt
  • low self-esteem 
  • lack of self-confidence 
  • co-dependency
  • feeling stuck, being in limbo, change, resistance to change
  • and so much more…
Learn How to:
  • fill that void inside
  • heal emotional pain, balance yourself
  • forgive yourself and others
  • eliminate guilt, stop blaming yourself and others
  • let go/let go of the past
  • raise your self-esteem to the highest level, build confidence
  • get rid of bad habits once and for all
  • go with the flow
  • trust/tap into your intuition
  • respect yourself and others
  • attract abundance
  • gain an empowering belief system
  • become independent – inside and out
  • how to effectively deal with change
  • stop procrastination
  • acquire patience
  • communicate
  • shift your perspective
  • increase your self-worth, and self-esteem
  • have an ideal relationship on all levels
  • meditate/get in touch with your core
  • love yourself and discover who you are
  • discover your life purpose
  • and so much more…
The Healing Benefits of Dr. Laura Rose’s Holistic Life Coaching
  • Unique combination of Dr. Laura’s expertise, wisdom, and spiritual gifts
  • Potential for complete breakthroughs, true healing, and complete transformations
  • Emotional Clearing and Emotional Healing
  • Become Balanced and Emotionally Healthy
  • Works with all aspects of a person as a whole and balanced, physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Quickly gets to the root cause of issues and problems for permanent healing and release
  • Increased Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Worth
  • Better Communication
  • Improved and Better Relationships
  • Get onto the Right Path and Find Life Purpose
  • Transformational Sessions and Follow Ups
Call (973) 581-1980
or fill out the form to schedule a session.


All sessions are completely private and strictly confidential.

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