My Deceased Father’s Message To Us All

My father had passed away in 2008, and within a few days after his passing, he came to me in a dream wanting to tell me something very important. My dreams have always been very significant, symbolic, and very meaningful. As with all of our dreams, if we analyze them, and pay attention, there is usually a great message behind them.

In the dream, I was at my mom’s house, in her kitchen. Her kitchen table was small, and oval shaped with four chairs around it. I was standing there, and saw my father sitting in the chair directly facing me. He was looking directly at me, and I knew it. He looked younger than when he had died. My father’s blue eyes were VERY blue, and VERY wide opened, making sure that we saw each other, confirming to me that it was him. I turned around and said to my mom, “Look, daddy is alive.” I said something else to my mom, and to my cousins who were also there. My father then repeated everything I said, word for word, making sure that I heard him VERY clearly. He heard everything I was saying.

No one said anything, but I had left the kitchen towards the living room, and entered the kitchen again from the dining room entrance. This time, I saw my father sitting in a different chair just where I was entering the room. The chair was not against the table but just moved a little bit back. He was older, and his appearance was the same that he had looked when he died. He was slumped over, head hanging down, and legs spread out. I carefully walked in between his spread out legs so as not to touch him, for I knew he was dead. After I got past him, I looked back at him, and he was slumped over even more. His head was hanging down even further.

That was the end of the dream.

When I woke up, I felt and knew that my father had visited me in my dream. I felt a great knowing that he was there, and had communicated with me.

The thing is this… When he was alive, I had talked to my father a few times about death, and he expressed that he didn’t believe in the afterlife. He said that he believed that when we die, that’s it, it’s black, and there’s nothing.

Well, he made sure that he got his certain message across. In my dream, my father wanted me to know this…

This was his message to me…

“Even though I am dead, and you walk by me, I can still SEE YOU and I can still HEAR YOU!”

Because my father knew that I believed in the afterlife, and have had many experiences with people who have passed on, he wanted to let me know that he was still around me, also confirming what I believe.

To me, that was a very profound message, not only for me, but for us all…

Our loved ones are not gone, they are still around us…

May God Bless You, and Your Loved Ones, 


Dr. Laura R. Kiray, Msc.D.

Copyright © 2015 

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