Power of Forgiveness

Have you been carrying around heavy burdens associated with anger, guilt, or fear?

Do these heavy burdens have to do with yourself, someone else, or both?

Have you been wondering, how can I just let go of this once and for all and find peace?

Carrying around heavy burdens not only weighs you down, but it can become debilitating and detrimental to your overall health. What happens when you consistently hold onto anger, guilt, or even fear, towards yourself or someone else? It creates negative energy that gets attached to your chakras and prevents the life force energy to flow freely as it should. When the life force energy cannot flow freely, it can cause many physical, mental, and emotional health problems. You can help clear out your negative emotions and negative energy through Reiki Healing Energy, which I will talk about in another blog, but something that people seem to greatly overlook is the true Power of Forgiveness.

Now, I know it can sometimes be extremely hard to forgive someone for the actions and pain that one causes. And, we all have been told that when we forgive, it’s not about the other person, but rather, we are freeing ourselves. That is very true! But, that is just half the equation if one is to be truly free and at peace.

There is so much more to forgiveness…

So, what does it mean to forgive someone? What does it take? And, why do so many people have a hard time understanding how to do it?

People have a hard time forgiving because they do not truly understand the depth of what true forgiveness really means. True forgiveness comes from real, true understanding and deep compassion. Forgiveness comes from love. The only way you can truly forgive anyone, including yourself, is through love and only love. You cannot conquer hate with hate. You can only conquer hate with love. If you do not come from true love, you can forgive, but you will never forget, and you may never be at total peace. If you have true understanding and deep compassion, you can not only forgive, but you can let go and be at complete peace.

For help on forgiveness, how to forgive, true understanding, and with letting go, please call me at (973) 581-1980. Together we can work through the issues and get you to a place of total peace.

With much love and many blessings,

Dr. Laura R. Kiray, Msc.D., Ph.D.
(973) 581-1980

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