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Here’s just a few success stories that were submitted:

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I found Laura at the absolute lowest point in my entire life. I was 
homeless, penniless, and suffering from extreme depression and suicidal ideation. When I say penniless, I don’t mean I was struggling or had only a small savings. I mean I didn’t know how I would put gas in the car to get home from our session or where my next meal was coming from. I was selling my possessions to whomever would take them because I was hungry. When I say homeless, I mean that I was sleeping at a friend’s house in a horrible neighborhood because I had nowhere to go and, on the days I couldn’t stay there, I slept in my truck. My career was in a slump – I was stuck in a dead end temp job and could never seem to get ahead. I had just about given up on my personal dream of acting. Romantically, I was stuck in an extremely toxic relationship with a very bad human being who was slowly destroying me in every way possible. Within the last few months, I had finished a stay in the hospital because I contemplated suicide.
That was when I met Laura. She taught me a Secret. And since then, everything changed.
Within the first week after our meeting, THE FIRST WEEK, the pendulum swung back. My family reached out to me again and took me in. I repaired severed relationships with them and my sister. Two days after my first meeting with Laura I got 2 messages completely out of the blue – one to assist with my financial difficulties and the other was a job offer in a film from someone I met 2 years ago in passing. The toxic relationship I was in ended permanently. I found a nice affordable place to live with some help from loved ones. I was no longer depressed or suicidal.
And I kept seeing Laura. And things kept getting better.
My finances started improving. Lenders became generous and flexible, cutting down debt or eliminating it entirely. The daily grind seemed different somehow. More manageable – like I knew it would pass and there was nothing to worry about. I was smiling again. For the first time in YEARS, I was genuinely happy at the core. My job, while still temporary, became manageable as I geared up for filming work. Romantically, I started dating several beautiful women and am now happily in a relationship with the girl of my dreams.
This, I believe, is all due to Laura. She found me at one of the absolute lowest points a human can reach. And, through our sessions, we changed all that together. I really can’t express in words the gratitude I feel towards her and how much I look forward to our sessions. The only thing I can say is that I pray that God and the Universe reward her with the life she’s always dreamed about while she helps others do the same.

Michael D., Springfield, New Jersey, USA

I found Laura in a very difficult time of my life through a simple internet search, and I feel something great guided me to her.  I needed to see somebody who offered more than the “traditional” methods of therapy and life-coaching, and her website caught my attention.  I am so thankful I followed through and sought out her help.  At the time I had never really opened up to anybody at all about my life.  I had even kept my close family in the dark about all of my struggles.  It was hard for me to open up to anybody, but Laura created an environment that I felt secure in, and I was able to spill my guts about so many things I had never imagined I would tell a stranger.  Everything we talked about resonated with me, and I greatly valued our time together.  I felt like I was speaking to a friend, an equal, who was able to put into words and concepts what I previously could not.  Laura was able to not only help me, but the rest of my family and I am forever grateful for that.  It was so important to have somebody that understood me, I needed that more than anything.  She told me the things that I already knew but needed to hear from another voice, and she also taught me new and practical methods to deal with my issues in a way that was applicable. I was able to take what I learned in our sessions and actually apply what I learned in everyday life, and still do.  I am grateful for that day that I reached out to Laura because that was when I could finally start a new chapter of my life.
Sean M., Bloomingdale, New Jersey, USA

If fate has brought you to Laura’s door, you have truly been blessed. I have known Laura for many years now, and from that very first day to the present, she has touched my heart and changed my life in so many positive ways. I believe she has a gift, a unique way of communicating, understanding a person’s intimate feelings and emotions on the deepest level. Speaking on my own behalf, she has helped me look closely into my past, my present and gives me hope and faith in a future that I can create my own happiness and self-fulfillment. Laura is helping me to “reach in”, and pull out each painful memory, negative emotion, and self-doubt, and lay them on the table, to look at them face to face. She has helped me to “let go”, and “forgive myself”. She has brought a smile to my face and to my heart…
Thank you Laura. God Bless You. Kevin C., Jackson, New Jersey, USA

Dear Laura,

You don’t know me but I am Patty C., Angelo’s wife. When I met this most wonderful important person in my life, he was suffering some tremendous personal blows. You were one of the few people/things that Angelo really depended on to help him navigate through this profoundly difficult time. He got SO much from the meetings, and would always report back to me on how what you said made sense at just the right time. It may sound cliché, but you helped bring together all these people who no longer had to feel alone in their issues. And you were a lifesaver! Angelo forwarded many of your emails to me to read, and they were so often the perfect message on the perfect day– just fitting what he or we were going through. Your messages put so much into perspective for us.  

I just want to thank you for the gifts you gave to Angelo when he needed them most. I am sure that you meant as much to the others as you did to Angelo, and may God pay it forward to you in lifelong blessings for you and your family.
I think it’s exciting that you have a positive new adventure ahead of you. You are so deserving.
I hope you will keep in touch with Angelo. You are dear to him, and to me, though we’ve never met, and I just want you to know what a huge impact you made on an incredibly special person and his ability to move forward and find new happiness.
Thank you again.

Love, Patty C., New Jersey, USA

Thanks to Laura, I am truly a better person in life because I’ve learned the essential lesson to all mankind, Self-Love. I was struggling with moving forward during my separation and eventual divorce from my ex-wife. Approximately one month before I came to my first meeting I had finally made the decision that “enough is enough”, the divorce was eminent and now I had to find a way to move on for myself and my children, but how. I didn’t know how to go about it.

On April 15th, 2005 I attended my first session. We nearly had a three hour, one on one session together. With God as my witness, I learned more about myself and the breakup of my marriage than I could have ever imagined. Ms. Kiray was so creative in using certain techniques to enlighten me to what my relationship was with my ex-wife.
It became crystal clear what had happened to us. I truly understood that we were lacking so many components that make up a great relationship. I know now that my goal in life is to reach the highest level in each one of those categories. Never give up on something if you know how to fix it, you can always look at her techniques and see how you compare with the person you are with.
Next, I began the task of finding Self-Love. Ms. Kiray began to teach me that you can’t truly love others unless you love yourself first. As time went on, I realized that my greatest accomplishment was achieving acceptance. I needed to accept the circumstances that I was dealt with. I needed to accept the facts as Ms. Kiray taught me that I only knew so much then, but look at how much I know now. Acceptance to both the good things as well as the bad things that happen in a person’s life has become my true life achieving award over the past 3 years. Ms. Kiray has helped me to realize that.
Throughout the time that I spent learning from Ms. Kiray, she nurtured me with different evaluations and exercises such as, “Creating your own Experiences,” “Self Evaluation,” “Letting Go” and the final topic that I needed to complete my transformation was the “Half Full, Half Empty” exercise. Ms. Kiray literally sat and discussed this concept with me for several hours. It worked. Once I began applying that concept in my life, there were no more tearful goodbyes.
I can’t say enough about Laura Kiray. I was so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from her for several years. I was truly enthusiastic to find out that she was pursuing her newest adventure in her life. Laura is a true inspiration. Laura leads by example and she displays such a presence in the room. People look up to her and want to better themselves. She sympathizes, but teaches at the same time which is an incredible quality to have. I often told her that she was unique and I stand by those words. Laura is one of a kind. The most important thing that you need to know about Ms. Kiray is that she has a true passion for what she does. Total devotion to putting people back on the right track in life and if they stick with her, listen, and learn…they will achieve that. They will achieve things in life that they never could have imagined. It worked for me and I can’t thank her enough.

Sincerely, Eric R., West Orange, New Jersey, USA

I have been coming to Laura Kiray’s sessions for almost a year now. I tried other sessions with someone else before seeing Laura, and it did absolutely nothing for me. I have to say after even one time, I knew this was for me, and that I would be able to get a lot out of it.

Laura has incredible talents. She can pick up on subtleties in body language, tone of voice, hesitation in speech, etc. when you are discussing something and formulate a question that will make you stop and think about reasons behind these behaviors and your way of thinking or line of reasoning. Laura’s intentions are getting to the root of the problem: learning how to deal with it and let it go. She’s good at remembering details that might have been mentioned several weeks prior and putting all the puzzle pieces together. Laura is a very positive, compassionate person and truly cares about people. It’s obvious that helping people get to a more healthy, positive mindset, in order to help them through their current situations is very important to her. Laura not only helped me through the divorce and the subsequent sale of my house that I was dealing with, but she has provided me with a positive, healthy way of living my life in general. She has inspired me and my approach to life is completely different now. This is coming from someone who has been very negative for at least 30 years. As a matter of fact, someone gave me the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking” when I was 18 to read.  I couldn’t even get through the first chapter. I’ve come a long way and I’m very happy that I learned about her sessions. It has been such a positive experience for me that I mention it to a lot of different people I come across. I just feel that if she could help me, she could help anyone. Laura has definitely found her true calling.

Sincerely, Jeanne S., Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey, USA

When I first came to see Laura over a month or so ago, my life was in total chaos with personal changes where my stress level skyrocketed. I was having such pains in my head, I truly thought they were life threatening. After attending Laura’s sessions, hearing her guidance, self-help comments, self-worth issues, it changed my feelings towards my own personal problems. I realized, I was a person worthy of honesty, compassion, love and most of all respect from others, especially my mate. Which at the time, I was not receiving.

I started getting back my confidence, my motivation, my self-worth feelings just by attending her sessions. Laura has helped me feel that I do deserve a loving, faithful, kind, caring, respectful relationship for myself and that I am 100% worthy of that. I have also uncovered some of my weaknesses and my faults. We all make mistakes, but we should learn from them and grow and be able to live the life that we deserve to live. I still have a lot to learn, a lot to admit to and a lot to overcome, but I feel I am on my way to a fuller journey that this life has to offer, a Path to Happiness. I look forward every week to attend these sessions with Laura.

Thank You, Donna R., East Hanover, New Jersey, USA

When I came to Laura, I was ready to accept responsibility for how I got to where I was at the time, very angry, feeling sorry for myself and out of control of my situation. Laura has helped me to see that I do have control over my reactions and nobody makes me feel anything, only I do. Most of the time, we are angry not at the other person, but our reaction to it. Unfortunate, that we don’t see that at the time. I know we met for a reason, and have messages to give. I know I have seen that by now, and that’s why I keep coming back.  I believe sharing experiences helps each one of us to see those same feelings within ourselves, and creates a bond between us that I haven’t seen before. In short, Laura’s tragic experience has helped her to help many, and is much appreciated by all.
God Bless You. Hollie D., Randolph, New Jersey, USA

I found Laura when I was going through a devastating period in my life. I was dealing with the death of my father, and the separation and impending divorce from my husband of 18 years. I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression and was finding it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning. I could hardly get through a day without crying and blaming myself for just about everything that had gone wrong in my marriage and my life. But, after my first few meetings, Laura’s words of wisdom and support enlightened me as to the root of my negative feelings. She made me realize that I have to love myself, not blame myself, and that I had so much to be positive about in my life. I am a very blessed person – family, friends, good health, but, I was dwelling on the negatives, in both my husband and myself. She also made me realize that I had a tremendous lack of self-worth and that the only way to heal was to look inside of myself and build my inner strength; to realize that I am good, I am special. I am worthy of all that is good in this world. Although I have a way to go before I am totally healed, I have come such a long way from the defeated person who first walked into that wonderful meeting. Laura has a remarkable way of asking just the right questions to open your eyes to the core issues that are causing you so much pain. She doesn’t have to give you the answer, you come up with it yourself, thus making you feel that much more empowered. I am very thankful God brought Laura into my life. With Laura’s help, I look forward to becoming the self-loving, positive person God intended me to be.
Jenny W., Montville, New Jersey, USA 

We have all heard it, “There are No Coincidences”. I’ve heard it before and pretty much believed in it. Seven months ago I had suffered a pretty sudden and very painful separation after 17 yrs. of what I believed was a pretty happy marriage. As anyone knows from experiencing major change in your life whether it be divorce, death, serious illness or injury, it can turn your whole life upside down. An experience that even if you thought you were experienced enough in life to take on anything that may cross your path, there is always something that you just can’t handle on your own. I am fortunate enough to have a large and close and caring family and some good friends that where able to help. I went to therapist and found I was not satisfied, I attended a couple group meetings for separated and divorced people, but did not find the emotional depth and spiritual connection I needed. I finally found sessions lead by Laura and the moment I attended, I realized this was where I had to be. Laura gave me a hand out that I have read every day for a week. It was entitled, “Going with the Flow” about letting life’s changes and the process take you along with it and learn to let go and have more faith in yourself and God. I felt at home with Laura’s gift of empathy and spirituality. I was comfortable with her serious recognition of her traditional background, which was the same as mine, and being open to all good spiritual beliefs and able to apply them to a variety of people with different beliefs. I have seen a lot of growth and that does not happen without the dedication, empathy and skill of a gifted person that leads as Laura does. Laura stresses the value of positive thinking and I’m learning that value everyday. I have come to believe that my pain and current journey was not a random happening. I will believe in my faith and trust that what hurts me will heal and direct me to a better place in my life. Meeting Laura was no coincidence, it was meant to be.

Jerry H., Denville, New Jersey, USA

After a horrific 2 year divorce, from a 34 year marriage, I found myself struggling with the hurt, confusion and sadness and feeling totally lost. I had never attended a support group before and didn’t know what to expect, but attended my first meeting. Laura and the group made me feel welcome. Talking, along with listening has helped me a great deal and has opened a new world of thinking for me. Being a part of this group, has been a wonderful and amazing experience for me, and I continue to grow and learn from everyone’s insights and Laura’s supportive and calming encouragement.
Barbara B., Kearny, New Jersey, USA

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