Your Life Is Already There Waiting For You…

From the time we are born to going through our adolescent years to becoming an adult, we are faced with many challenges, both positive and negative. From the time we are born, we had to learn how to GROW. We had to learn how to eat, talk, and walk on our own. We are taught values, morals and beliefs. We learned through our mistakes, and are taught many life lessons. But, where is all this leading to?

Whether we realize it or not, each step of the way, we are taught just what we need for our own personal growth and plan for our lives. Each step of the way, is designed 
JUST FOR YOU! Your experiences are tailor made to prepare you for the life that you were meant to live. I often hear people say, “I can’t believe that I have wasted so much time with him/her” or “I have wasted so much time doing this/that”. Please know that it wasn’t wasted time at all. What you have gone through was all in preparation for the life that you were meant to live.


Everyone has a plan and design for their life, a life purpose. And, everything that you are going through is divinely designed to help get you to and achieve your life purpose. If you start to take notice of the events and circumstances that have occurred in your life, and really see the progression and flow of how and why things turned out, you can start to see that each step of the way were stepping stones helping you to arrive to where you are meant to go.

It’s not always easy to see this, especially when we are in the midst of Hell, but when you get through that period in your life, you can look back and see why everything happened as it did. Even though we sometimes can’t see it at the time, everything that happens is for our ultimate higher good, our higher self.

If you haven’t found your life purpose yet, or you are looking but having a little trouble finding it, take some time and reflect on your life. Your life purpose will always be found in asking the question, 
“How may I serve others?” Reflect on this, and when you feel the answer coming from within with unwavering passion, you will know that you have found what you are looking for. The thing is… nobody else can tell you what your purpose is, it can only be found when you truly go inward and connect with God.

Your Life Is Already There Waiting For YOU…

it’s waiting for you to catch up and embrace it!

Take some time today and reflect on your life and find what you are most passionate about. You’ll know when you are embracing the life that is waiting for you when it feels right. Trust your intuition.

Many blessings to you,

Dr. Laura R. Kiray, Msc.D.

Copyright © 2015

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